NeoMetrix 3D Scanner Test Drive -

3D Scanning Test Drive

We'll Put an Engineer & Scanner in Your Facility to Work on Your Project

At NeoMetrix, we recognize that the investment required to bring a professional scanning system in-house for metrology, inspection & reverse engineering can be significant.

We also recognize that the decision to make this investment requires a truly concrete proof of the potential return on investment.

As such we are re-introducing our “test drive” program to allow our prospective customers the opportunity to bring this technology into their facility for real, hands-on work on their own projects.

The details of the program are as follows:

  • Customer defines the scope and time frame of the project
  • Customer clearly defines the criteria for success
  • NeoMetrix provides a price quotation, at a significant discount over standard service rates, based upon the agreed upon scope of work.
  • Customer issues a Purchase Order for project.
  • NeoMetrix provides appropriate personnel and equipment to complete the project.
  • Upon completion, NeoMetrix and Customer review the final results as compared to the originally defined criteria.
  • If both parties agree that project was a success, Customer issues a Purchase Order for quoted system.
  • Any money paid for Test Drive is deducted from the price of equipment, if purchased within 30 days of project completion.


Scanning an Industrial Impeller

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