ALTRA280 -

Reliable Manufacturing of Complex Parts

The ALTRA 280 is a high-performance industrial powerhouse with an expansive build volume. It delivers unrivaled reliability with up to 4 state-of-the-art extruders. These controlled dual extruders with their respective backups are groundbreaking in additive manufacturing, delivering flawless prints every time. The high-temperature capabilities enable peak-level 3D printing for demanding applications from aerospace to defense to automotive industries.

The ALTRA 280 is everything at once – a large, fast, reliable, high-temp industrial machine. It delivers complex production-quality parts without compromise.

► Large build volume 500mm x 700mm x 800mm (x,y,z)

► Print speed  Up to 350 mm/s

► Extruder System- Direct Synchronized Extruder (DSX) | Water-cooled multi-DSX (up to 4 extruders)

► BigRep Materials ABS, ASA, BVOH, HI-TEMP, HI-TEMP CF, PA12 CF, PA6/66, PETG, PLA, PLX, PRO HT, TPU 98A, + 3rd Party Materials



Large Build Chamber

Print conventional materials, BigRep high-temperature filaments as well as new flexible materials with speed & precision.


High-Performance Parts

The build chamber and print bed reach up to 180°C, enabling applications using high-performance materials such as ULTEM 9085 and PEEK. During printing the build chamber doubles as a tempering system, enhancing the mechanical properties, functionality, and dimensional stability of the parts.


Uninterrupted Productivity

The ALTRA 280 is equipped with up to 4 DSX (Direct Synchronized Extruders) capable of printing at 450°C up to 20kg in one cycle. Achieve complex prints with dual extruders and ensure seamless production with two respective backup extruders. Each DSX is a masterpiece, with integrated cooling channels and multiple sensors for monitoring and control.


Print at the Push of a Button

Getting started is quick and easy with ALTRA 280 thanks to the numerous automatic functions including print bed calibration via topology measurement and corresponding automatic compensation. After a smooth start, many built-in sensors will secure your 24/7 operation while the HD wide angle camera enables real-time remote monitoring so you won’t miss a thing.

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      • 3D Print in Full Scale

      • Boost Productivity

      • Cut Your Costs

      • Print Parts in a Variety of Engineering Grade Materials


Version BigRep ALTRA 280
Build volume 500mm x 700mm x 800mm (x,y,z)
BigRep materials ABS, ASA, BVOH, HI-TEMP, HI-TEMP CF, PA12 CF, PA6/66, PETG, PLA, PLX, PRO HT, TPU 98A
Compatible materials ABS, ABS-ESD, ABS-FR, ASA, HT-PETG, PA6, PA6-CF, PA12, PA12-CF, PA12-GF, PC, PC-ABS, PC-FR, PC-CF, PCTG, PEKK, PEKK-CF, PETG, PLA, PP, PP-GF, PPS, PPSU, TPU, TPC, ULTEM 9085 (Open for 3rd party materials)
Extruder Direct Synchronized Extruder (DSX)
Extruder configuration Water-cooled multi-DSX (up to 4 extruders)
Hotends Precise, Power, or High Flow
Nozzles Brass or hardened steel
Nozzle diameters 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 1.0mm
Layer thickness From 0.05mm
Extruder temp Up to 450°C
Build chamber temp Up to 180°C
Print bed temp Up to 180°C
Max print speed Up to 350 mm/s
Max throughput Up to 250 g/h
Position accuracy < 0.05mm in XY
Movement speed XY~400 mm/s
Drive technology Servo motor in XYZ
Air cleaning unit Filtration system with active carbon filter and HEPA filter
Safety circuit Unmanned 24/7 operation
Connectivity USB, network
Pause printing Out-of-filament sensor with smart ʻstop and goʼ function (build chamber and print bed remain heated)
Slicing software Simplify3D, others available on request
Machine control HAGE3D industrial control
HMI LED + 12.1” touchscreen
Camera Wide angle color HD camera for real-time remote monitoring
Override function Manual override in real-time
User Access Multi-level user permissions
Power supply 400 V / 32 A
External dimensions 2550mm x 1950mm x 1920mm (x,y,z)
Weight Approx. 1980kg